OptumRx manages your pharmacy benefit plan

which includes benefits that may save you time and money.


Get the most out of your prescription benefits. Take charge of managing and ordering your medications.

  • Get a 90-day supply of certain medicines at a Walgreens store or through the mail. Talk to your Walgreens pharmacist or visit optumrx.com for more information.
  • Get certain medications for a $0 copay.
  • Manage your medications, claims and orders at home or on the go with optumrx.com.

$0 Copay Medication Program
Through the $0 Copay Medication Program, you and your covered dependents (18+) enrolled in the Walgreens health plan can get certain medications for a $0 copay.

  • Tier 1 generic cholesterol medications
  • Tier 1 generic diabetes medications
  • Tier 1 generic blood pressure medications
  • Tier 1 blood glucose test strips, insulin syringes, meters and lancets
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 asthma medications (includes many inhalers)
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 generic weight loss medications
  • Tier 2 insulin

To qualify for the $0 Copay program, eligible team members and their covered spouses/partners should visit Walgreens.com/TeamMember365 and add a goal in either condition management or lifestyle, with WebMD’s Your Digital Health Advisor.

If it’s your first time using Your Digital Health Advisor, you’ll be asked to complete a brief registration. Approximately two weeks after you add your goal(s), you’ll begin to receive $0 copay medications up to the Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 copay value (always call your pharmacy first to confirm your Rx is processing correctly).

Additionally, you can enroll your covered child by calling OptumRx directly at 1-855-376-3214, and note that you’re calling on behalf of your covered child.

Please note that eligibility into this program requires you to participate annually. Confirm your $0 Copay status by calling OptumRx at 1-855-376-3214.