Choosing a Doctor

Choosing the right primary care physician (PCP)—often the doctor you see for many preventive care service and when you aren’t feeling well—may be important to help you maintain good health and well-being. That’s because your doctor may have opportunity to get to know you and your health history.

Some Walgreens medical plans administered by UnitedHealthcare require you to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). If you are enrolled in a plan that requires a PCP selection, you may have elected a PCP during enrollment. If you didn’t elect a PCP during enrollment, one was automatically assigned to you. Be sure to check your UnitedHealthcare Care member ID card to confirm the correct PCP.  If you want to change your PCP, you can do so by calling UnitedHealthcare Care Connect at 1-844-859-5007.

You can find a network doctor who is trained to deliver quality care by searching for UnitedHealth Tier 1 Physicians in markets where they are available.

Tier 1 Physicians have demonstrated better results including:

  • Fewer complications
  • Fewer do-over surgeries
  • Fewer unnecessary lab tests, MRIs and medications

To find a Tier 1 Physician, visit® or use the UnitedHealthcare® app, and look for the blue dot by the doctor’s name.  

Have questions about which doctor you think might be right for you?
Your UnitedHealthcare Care Connect Advisor is here for you.
Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–10 p.m. CT
(Nurses are available 24/7.)

This is available as part of your benefit plan.